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NASA chief Jim Bridenstein says that SpaceX's first astronaut launch will be a 'unique moment' for America.

SpaceX is taking two astronauts on ISS for the first time, the demo 2 mission is very important for Spacex, because this will determine the fate of Spacex.  If Spacex succeeds in the Demo 2 mission, then Spacex may be an option for upcoming missions, find out on May 27, whether the fate of Space supports it.

NASA has announced its next mission, now the question is, who will be the partner for NASA's next mission, NASA has three companies, of which Spacex is one. NASA has announced the withdrawal of astronauts from ISS, the mission is to take place on August 30, and Spacex is still one step away, to bring astronauts back into orbit from the US.

Demo-2 will mark SpaceX's first launch of the Crew Dragon capsule carrying astronauts, a major moment for NASA as human spaceflight has been halting the ride since 2011 to orbit Russia  .

Breidenstein said during a news conference held today (May 26), that our country has done a lot, and it will be a unique moment, because it will be a time where all the people of America can take a moment, And can see our country amazingly again. And where did he go, this will be a unique opportunity to bring all America together in a moment in time, and this shows how bright our future is.

 Bridenstein has also argued that SpaceX's Demo-2 test flight would have a significant impact beyond low Earth orbit.  NASA's ambitious Artemis program is a mission to land humans at the South Pole of the Moon in 2024, and NASA has three private companies that can carry out the mission, relying on cooperation between missions to take place today, Which company can be hired to support lunar missions.

Breidenstein says that we are proving a business model, which will be a public-private partnership business model, and ultimately will enable us to go to the moon this time. NASA has recently announced SpaceX, SpaceX is one of the three companies that can develop human landing systems on lunar Earth.

The duration of Spacex's demo-2 mission is currently quite unspecified. Because NASA has only said that two astronauts will spend one and four months in orbit on the flight.The duration of the mission is reduced by the solar arrays of the capsules, which are not versions, which would be on the standard crew dragon capsules, which are rated for astronauts to remain safely in space for only 120 days.

The duration of the mission will also depend on the progress of the Crew-1 capsule, as NASA intends to fly soon.  Whereas NASA would like to remove as much crew time from the flight as possible during the test. Bridenstein says that he will then try to pull the solar arrays to their limits, and that there is great flexibility in the backend of the mission. I want to reiterate, says Bridenstein, that this is a test flight, and the goal is to take them to the International Space Station, and to test the systems and bring them home.  Brydenstein says, if they can do more than that while they are on the ISS, then of course it's fine, but let me tell you, it's a test flight.

The Crew-1 team is already training towards an August 30 launch, Drew the Crew-1 capsule will have four astronauts, their names being NASA's Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover and Shannon Walker, and Japan's Soichi Noguchi. The crew will be in orbit for about 6.5 months, the same period as the current standard period of the space station. NASA's Chris Cassidy and the Russian cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanish and Ivan Wagner: four astronauts will join a trio of crew members currently working in the living laboratory, they will return three astronauts, went on April ISS, and in October  About to return to Earth.

Before returning from ISS, another Russian Soyuz capsule will be launched with a crew including a NASA astronaut, which in turn will pay more than $ 90 million from the US space agency. The agency made sure that no one in NASA or SpaceX felt compelled to authorize a launch tomorrow against its better judgment.

Breidenstein says that on Monday May 25, he has texted astronauts Bob Bacon and Doug Hurley of SpaceX's Demo-2 mission, and to ask if they can think of any reasons or concerns,Who will warrant a delay.


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