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There are 11 new astronauts from NASA, who have been selected for NASA next mission.

Who is not, who has no dream, if the thing is to make an astronaut, according to me, to make an astronaut for a person who is interested in space, will be nothing short of a dream, NASA is an astronaut  Bane, perhaps everyone has a dream to create a space, but there are very few people, whose dream is fulfilled.

Hi Friends, my name is Surendra Uikey, and this is my website, and you are welcome to people, Friends in In this article, we will talk about NASA's future mission and future astronauts. Which will be completed by NASA in future. About NASA, hardly anyone, who would not know, NASA is a space agency whose purpose is to find life in another planetary satellite, that is to say, I would say that NASA is the earliest human civilization in another planet. Have to settle  For this purpose, NASA has sent humans to the moon since 1969, for its next mission, NASA selected 11 astronauts, including two Canadian astronauts, who would be part of NASA's 2024 Artemis mission.  After 1992, NASA will send the next male and the first female to the moon for the first time, and after that there will be a plan to send it to Mars.

On Friday, January 10, a graduation ceremony was held at NASA's Johnson Space Center, where 11 astronauts who had been selected for the NASA Artemis mission were welcomed. These astronauts successfully completed more than two years of required basic training, and are now selected for missions intended for the International Space Station, the Moon and Mars, which may play an important role in future missions.

These new astronauts of NASA will be sent to ISS, and to the moon under Artemis mission in 2024 and to Mars in 2030. Those who will carry out NASA's mission, and for the new generations, there will be a good chance when they go to the moon and Mars, and there they will study again. It is now to see how these new astronauts of NASA play their role, because the work done by them will help lead them in space for generations to come.

This was the first graduation ceremony NASA hosted for the new astronaut, the ceremony was attended by chief guest NASA CO Jim Bridenstein John Cornyn and Texas' Ted Cruz. The ceremony featured a silver pin to the new astronaut  Received, which is a tradition, which has been started again.2017 Over 18,000 candidates applied, selected by their qualifications, who have completed two years of training, were NASA astronauts and two Canadian space agency astronauts during these two years of training.

Friends, if you are interested in making you an astronaut, this is a golden opportunity for you, as NASA is also considering a plan to open the application process this spring, for the next class of astronauts, and this golden for you. There will be a chance, as soon as I get any information related to it, I will give this information to you. Friends, if you have any questions related to this, you can ask me in the comment box.


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