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How did phosphorus monoxide reach the earth, and how was it formed.

How did life on earth begin?  And what kind of reaction there has been, to start life on earth, by this, scientists have given many theories on how life started on earth. Well we know that for life physical  Elements and biological elements have played a big role, because there are some elements, without which we are not possible to live, like phosphorus is an essential element for life, which is present in DNA and cell.  Received, it can be found even in the elements carbon, What are phosphorus?  And why it is necessary for life.

Hello friends, I am Surendra Uikey, today we will talk about an element without which life is not possible, that is to say, these elements play a big role for life. Phosphorus is a natural element, it is shown as p , And has 15 atoms, and is a reactive element, which is not found in the free state, but it does contain phosphates of metals in some minerals, such as 56% calci in animal bones.  M phosphate is found, and it is an essential element for animals and plants, you can guess how important it is for life, phosphorus was first introduced to Hamburg merchants in 1669  Was discovered by the Henning brand.

Friends, you have come to understand what phosphorus is, and what role it plays for life, now friends, the question will come to your mind that this is so important for life, so where did it come from, Someone created it, or it was made during a reaction. Friends have been a mystery for a long time, how it has come to Earth early, friends have been exposed to this mystery, just a few days ago. Earlier astronomers discovered how it came to Earth.

Researchers have detected phosphorus travel by comets in star-forming regions using the European Space Agency's investigation Rosetta, how they came to Earth with comets. We must first understand how phosphorus reacted  Are, and when are they formed, if we understand the reaction made of phosphorus, then we can understand it very well, that phosphorus is on Earth  How did Su come, is it the reason comets are coming, or something else.  By the way, when phosphorus is formed, the dust, gas, which comes out, and the phosphorus are formed in the cloud of this washed gas.  When researchers looked at the AFGL 5142 region of a galaxy by the probe Rosetta, where stars are formed, research found, a cloud of dust gas produces phosphorus.

The journal of the Royal Astronomical Society, Victor Rivilla, a leading author, states that Rivilla began life about 4 billion years ago, or appeared, and says that we have yet to find any such reaction  Do not know, which made life possible on Earth.  Friends are phosphorus-bearing molecules, such as phosphorus monoxide, the study of phosphorus by ALMA shows that phosphorus-bearing molecules form massive stars, and some reactions occur during that time, young.  Cavities in interstellar clouds open by the gas of giant stars, and in the meantime the molecule is shocked by the shock of the star, due to the combined action of radiation. Other causes phosphorus-containing molecules on the cavity walls, and astronomers say, that phosphorus-bearing molecules phosphorus monoxide cavity walls, it is the most abundant.

Researchers say that if the walls of the cavity collapse while forming a star, it may happen that the phosphorus monoxide may break out of the cluster, as the icy dust surrounding the new star gets trapped in it,  And before the star is formed during that time, those dust grains are accompanied by pebbles, rocks and eventually comets, and they become transporters of phosphorus monoxide, and phospho  S possible to come to earth with monoxide rocks, comets.


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