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How did phosphorus monoxide reach the earth, and how was it formed.

How did life on earth begin?  And what kind of reaction there has been, to start life on earth, by this, scientists have given many theories on how life started on earth. Well we know that for life physical  Elements and biological elements have played a big role, because there are some elements, without which we are not possible to live, like phosphorus is an essential element for life, which is present in DNA and cell.  Received, it can be found even in the elements carbon, What are phosphorus?  And why it is necessary for life.

Hello friends, I am Surendra Uikey, today we will talk about an element without which life is not possible, that is to say, these elements play a big role for life. Phosphorus is a natural element, it is shown as p , And has 15 atoms, and is a reactive element, which is not found in the free state, but it does contain phosphates of metals in some minerals, such as 56% calci in animal bones.  M phosphate is found, and it is an essential element for animals and…

What is the Caldwell Catalog, and what is it considered.

Ever since the Universe has been created, there have been countless objects in the Universe since it began to form after the Big Bang, which also includes our Milky Way Galaxy, including many more, such as the Milky Way, the Comet, the Nebula, Stars, Planet etc. Hello guys, my surendra uikey, and today in this article, we will talk about some charts that help us understand the objects of the Universe, and which we know the names of the Messier catalog, its 18th century  Was built

 What are Messier Catalogs?  So let me tell you, Messier catalogs are a kind of chart, which includes even more than 100 items of the Universe, which we can say, this is a way of friends, with the help of which we can understand the countless objects of the Universe. It can be said that this is an image, which includes all the objects of the universe. The Messier catalog was first created during the 18th century, it was created by the French astronomer Charles Messier, it also contains over 100 cosmic objects.…

There are 11 new astronauts from NASA, who have been selected for NASA next mission.

Who is not, who has no dream, if the thing is to make an astronaut, according to me, to make an astronaut for a person who is interested in space, will be nothing short of a dream, NASA is an astronaut  Bane, perhaps everyone has a dream to create a space, but there are very few people, whose dream is fulfilled.

Hi Friends, my name is Surendra Uikey, and this is my website, and you are welcome to people, Friends in In this article, we will talk about NASA's future mission and future astronauts. Which will be completed by NASA in future. About NASA, hardly anyone, who would not know, NASA is a space agency whose purpose is to find life in another planetary satellite, that is to say, I would say that NASA is the earliest human civilization in another planet. Have to settle  For this purpose, NASA has sent humans to the moon since 1969, for its next mission, NASA selected 11 astronauts, including two Canadian astronauts, who would be part of NASA&#…

Why do scientists think that Venus has active volcanoes.

Venus is a terrestrial planet, due to its uniform size, gravity, and structure, it has been called the "sister planet" of the Earth, with about 80% of the surface of the planet Venus covered by smooth and volcanic plains, and the same 70% saline ridges. Of plains, and 10% is made of smooth or plastered plains. Evidence of lava impact on the planet Venus along with the volcanic pool remains a puzzle even today, because there are some striking craters on this planet, which exhibit its surface being relatively young, and it is about 30-60 million years  Is old.

New research led by the University Space Association (USRA) has revealed that the impact of lava on the planet Venus may be a few years old, information has been published by Science Advance, researchers suggest that Venus is also today volcanic  Form, and is the only planet in our solar system on Earth, where volcanic eruptions are present.

Now the question is, whether Venus is actually active even today, if it is, then f…

How NASA scientists observe the sun at different wavelengths.

Sun is the biggest object of our solar system, and we all know how important sunlight is for us, what?  The sun can be tested by the sun's rays, yes, because NASA scientists observe the sun at different wavelengths. When a photograph of the sun was taken with a standard camera, this familiar image shows a yellow, featureless disk that would have a red wavelength when the sun's rays entered the Earth's atmosphere, because it would be  The pass loses blue wavelength.

The sun can, in fact, emit its light in all colors, the sun's yellow is the brightest wavelength, because it is the color we see with our naked eyes, and it also represents the camera. Scientific tests are carried out from the Earth by special instruments, in space telescopes, observing the light beyond the limits, visible with the naked eye, and sciatic about different components of the sun's surface and atmosphere from different wavelengths. Information comes out, scientists use them to paint the whole …

Blazars are a kind of highly variable source.

A blazar is an active galactic nucleus, a jet traveling at the speed of light composed of ionized matter, blazers are powerful sources of emission in the electromagnetic spectrum, seen as sources of high energy gamma ray photons. Blazars are a type of highly variable source, often passing over a short period of time, with flashes rapidly and dramatically. And some pulsating jets exhibit apparent motion, in which it travels with the material at a resultant speed of light, towards the observer.

Galaxies that have a compact field at the center, called the active galactic nucleus, are much higher than normal luminosity, even when the electromagnetic spectrum is lower than it is, the compact field shows that stars  Brightness is not produced with. Such additional non-stellar emission has been observed in radio, microwave, infrared, optical, ultra-violet, X-ray and gamma ray waves in the compact region, the area of ​​the compact is called AGN, the galaxies containing agn. They are called &qu…