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MIT scientists believe that due to dark matter, the mysterious energy excess in the center of the galaxy may be the cause.

Dark matter of 85% area is in universe, big mystrea of ​​the universe in dark matter,Can not see the dark matter usually, it is present everywhere.Scientists in Europe speculate that they have discovered the substance. Scientists believe that the Andhra substance is made up of particles or particles called neutralinos. 

Thousands of Neutralinos of Dark Matter pass through our bodies every second, and are not visible due to being invisible, which is why we are able to see the galaxies on the other side of the cloud of Andhra substance in space.

The energy that comes out from the center of Milky Way galaxy, we know as Gamma Radiation. A European space probe named Pamela has discovered some high-energy particles that emanate from the center of the Milky Way galaxy, and the radiation it emits is exactly the way it was intended for the Earth's substance.

The kind of mysterious explosions that occur in galaxies is still a mystery, but some scientists believe that the cause of the explosion is neutron star, and some say that the cause of the explosion is dark matter. Scientists at MIT say that dark matter is caused by the mysterious explosion of light in the center of our galaxy, but the last four years of research concluded that the explosion is caused by stars, not due to dark matter, Happen.

It was discovered 10 years ago, that in the center of the Milky Way, there is a surplus of energy in the form of gamma rays, it appears as a bright light. While additional energy is usually found in the Milky Way, there has been a source of debate in the scientific community about this. In 2015, Professor Tracy Slattier testified that energy is caused by neutron stars. Professor Tracy Slattier was one of a group of MIT physics researchers. The debate between now and researchers has begun, with a new study led by Lean and co-governed by Slattier, has reopened the debate, Rebecca Leane is a postdoctoral researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In 2015, the Fermi gamma-ray of energy was analyzed at the Galactic Center by the Space Telescope, and its MIT and Princeton researchers determined that it was caused by high-energy, fast-rotating neutron stars. Is known as Pulsar. Pulsars are individual balls of light, a group of them that emit energy, in which they present as "clappy". And on the other hand, dark matter appears as a smooth cloud of energy. Lean says that in 2015, the research team presented the energy source as clappy, and the scientific community acknowledged that the energy is not caused by dark matter.

Generally we all know that dark matter is an invisible substance, and according to astronomers it cannot be detected, because so far, scientists have not determined what a dark matter can be, but they know, That it does not emit light. Lynne says, Dark Matter is some other type of substance, it is not visible matter, everything that you can feel, it is only about 5 percent of the universe, and the rest is Dark Matter.

JFermilab Thoretical Astrophysics is a group that studies dark matter, one of them, Dan Hooper, says. That when scientists created dark matter by overloading energy through a process called "annihilation", in which the particles of the dark mantle are destroyed together with each other, and then the gamma rays are released in their wake.

By discovering a flaw in the research model in 2015, researchers discovered in a new study that by driving a simulated dark matter signal, Lean found that dark matter mimicked a clumpy signal, Leine says, Involved in this new study. Large artificial injected dark matter signals completely characterize the point sources incorrectly, the study suggests, that dark matter may provide an important contribution.

Lean says that scientists do not know much about dark matter right now, and with the possibility that an energy surplus may arise. Astronomers need to take a better look at what is made of dark matter and its properties, a debate that may come to its conclusion in a few years. The research suggests that in addition to gamma rays, neutron stars emit radio waves. If scientists can detect radio waves enough, then it will be proved once again that neutron stars are the reason for all this.

Hooper says the new findings have elicited an encouraging response from those studying Dark Matter, which has led researchers to, once again, view the Galactic Center in a "newly revived" way.


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