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Milky Way's supermassive black hole reached record high this year.

The Milky Way, where our Earth is, is a supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way, known as Sagittarius A,astronomers have recorded light shining in the center of the Milky Way.Astronomers observed near-infrared wavelengths from light on May 13, which were nearly twice as bright as a black hole, and have been observed under surveillance for the past 20 years.

The heat of gas and dust generate their light in the black hole.And their increase in brightness indicates that the same black hole was probably swallowing faster than normal.The black hole also changed rapidly: after reaching peak brightness, the brightness exceeded 75 in two hours.

Scientists don't understand why Sagittarius A * is shining so much, but it may have something to do with the close approach of one of its neighbors, such as a star named S2 that buzzed a black hole in 2018 (  SN: 7/26/18).  Taro disrupts the normal flow of gas and dust around the black hole, causing it to eat more quickly.

This potentia…

Does the Ultraprecise measurement pinpoints reveal the size of the radius of the proton.

Is it possible to measure the radius of a proton accurately? The proton is so small in size that it would require an ultraspace measurement to measure it.  Friends today, scientists are so capable, that they can measure the distance of the Moon from Earth to within a few centimeters and to a fraction of a millisecond of a distant pulsar, and whether it is possible to try to peek inside the proton, perhaps.What is not known about protons, protons are found in every atomic nucleus, these are positively charged pieces of matter.

Friends, as we know, and we also studied schools, protons are certainly very small, their size is less than two trillionths of a millimeter, precise techniques are needed to draw the radius on the proton.When the researcher set fire to a beam of electrons on a hydrogen atom, the nucleus consists of a single proton.And because of this, electrons bounce off the proton at an angle, and thereby determine its size. Friends are another strategy, in which the size of the…

ISRO successfully launched a Cartosat-3 satellite and 13 American nanosatellites into orbit by PSLV C47 rocket.

After Chandrayaan,this was ISRO's first launch, successfully completed by ISRO,the PSLV C47 rocket successfully launched a Cartosat-3 satellite and 13 American nanosatellites into orbit.ISRO kept the launch time at 9:28 AM, and its countdown started from 7:30 AM on 26 November.The PSLV-C47 was launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota on 27 November.With this success, the morale of ISRO scientists and countrymen is high, because where failure teaches us a lot, the same success increases our morale.
This was the 21st flight of the PSLV-C47 rocket, and the 74th launch vehicle mission from Sriharikota.It would not be wrong if I commend the scientists of ISRO, because the most difficult issue comes only after lift-off, successfully sending the Cartosat-3 and 13 commercial nanosatelites shipped with PSLV, and ISRO.The team completed this task with a successful strategy.The ISRO team successfully injected Cartosat-3 into a 509 km orbit at an inclination of 97.5 degrees …

How did life begin on Earth? Is it possible by a violent collision on the moon.

The moon, which has many stories to make, did the violent, and cosmic collision during the making of the moon make life possible on earth? This is a big question, but a new study shows that this is true. Science has given many theories about life on earth, but there is always a question in our mind that how life came to be born on earth.Given by science, has many theories, and tries to explain to us how to find elements for life on our planet: such as carbon and nitrogen elements.
Scientists have previously believed that meteorites have brought life-giving elements to Earth, bacteria with meteorites coming from space for example, and the energy of explosions caused by the continuous fall of meteorites from organic matter.Synthesis of. And the isotopic signatures of these elements on Earth coincide with those objects, but what? The ratio of carbon to nitrogen is not very accurate.If we think of transporting the elements that are important for life on Earth due to meteorites, then each p…

Voyager 2 has detected the dynamic, complex nature of the edge of the solar system.

Voyager 2 reported back from outside the solar system, voyager 2 has reached the interstellar space, interstellar space is called the outer part of tha solar system.voyager 2 is called the second ambassador of humanity, because like voyager 1 it was left to find another civilization.Voyager 2 reported back from the frontiers of the solar system, with the message that the boundary of the Sun's field is a complex and ever-changing place.

Voyager 2 broke through heliopause last year, what is heliopause? The "bubble" of the heliosphere is continuously inflated" from the plasma arising from the Sun, known as the solar wind, it is a kind of bubble made of plasma.voyager 1 encountered heliopause on 25 August 2012, when voyager 1 measured an increase in plasma density nearly forty times.Heliopause was detected on 5 November 2018 by Voyager 2.Heliopause marks the boundary between matter arising from the Sun and matter arising from the rest of the galaxy.Voyager 2 has overtake…

SpaceX successfully completed static fire engine tests of the Crew Dragon spacecraft.

On 13 November SpaceX successfully completed a series of static fire engine tests of the Crew Dragon spacecraft, a test we know of as these Flight Abort Tests. Trials of the Crew Dragon's Superdraco Thrusters at 3pm  Happened.

SpaceX reported this by tweeting that the "full-term" static-fire testing of the launch escape system has been completed, with both SpaceX and NASA reviewing the data.  Static-fire testing was conducted at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, NASA said in its statement, that eight Superdreco engines fired for about nine seconds.  Earlier engines of SpaceX's Landing Zone 1 were tested, and those engines were fired, firing two of the 16 smaller Draco thrusters twice and each time for a second. Draco thrusters are used for on-orbit maneuver and approach control, and will also be used for re-orientation during some in-flight launch escapes. SpaceX has designed the SuperDraco's engines to accelerate, so that the F9 can be taken away from …

11 November Mercury transit It occurs 1 time in about 13 year.

This day of November 11, 2019 was quite special, because on this day Mercury came between the planet Earth and the Sun, it happens once in the 13th year.The planet Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system, and it is closest to the Sun, it completes the orbiter of the Sun in 88 days, taking less time to orbit the Sun than the Earth.If we talk about the planet Mercury, it comes once between the Earth and the Sun in the 13th year, we know this phenomenon as transit.The planet Mercury passed directly between the Earth and the Sun, and upon seeing this event from Earth it appears as if there is a black dot on the head of the Sun, this phenomenon only occurs about once in the 13th century, so scientists call It is considered a rare phenomenon.

Such an event took place in 2006 and on May 9, 2016, the transit or passage of a planet on the face of the Sun was a relatively rare event, as we can see from Earth, this transit was possible only due to Mercury and Venus.  Solar scientist Mi…

According to Nasa's report the rules protecting other planets from pollution can be very strict

Some scientists believe that the moon will have an interesting mission to seek life, with scientists also considering it as a potentially interesting site to investigate the origin of life on the Moon. But some scientists say that most of the moon is not astrologically interesting. Some places on the moon, Mars and other planets are safe, while some places are unprotected.  Some policies may be too strict to protect the Moon, Mars and other places.

What was the conclusion of NASA's 12-expert panel To review voluntary international guidelines, to keep space missions polluting other worlds with earthly life. These guidelines are recommendations of the international scientific organization COSPAR, which revised policies for spacefaring countries for decades.  Nasa will send a sample-collection mission to Mars next year, the same other space agency also lunar  Interpretation of preparing the trip, as the scientists, there is an urgent need to update safety guidelines of the planets.  A…