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SpaceX is starship for its next flight.

Elon Musk, CEO of Spacex, has been dreaming of establishing a human settlement on Mars, Elon backed starship to carry out this task, and now he has the "starship", Elon will use starship to get him there  - or at least for bare-bones prototypes.  Elon is the founder and CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk on Saturday shared new details about his in-development starship spacecraft, and he revealed that SpaceX has its website dedicated solely to reusable cargo and passenger vehicles  Updated with a new section. 

Elon Musk says, the new Starship website also provides a bunch of information about Super Heavy, it has been a booster of the first stage, and it will push the starship to orbital heights and even beyond.  On Saturday, Elon Musk showed a spotlight-illuminating spacecraft in Boca Chica, Texas, presenting his vision for the future, a Falcon 1 stood on Musk's left, this rocket replaced the company in the new space race.Had solidified, when Elon Musk had successfully reached orbit 11 years earlier, that full reusability of the starship would be the key to opening the final frontier.

The new Starship Mark 1 is 164 feet in length (without a booster), and has a diameter of 30 feet, with a propellant capacity of 1,200 metric tons of liquid methane and liquid oxygen, depending on the crew, payload and configuration on the rocket's top third.Will take possession, and the same bottom two-thirds will be propellant and six raptor engines, including three for atmospheric flight, and three for propulsion in space.While two are activated at the top of the rocket from which the crew can control the starship, and its wings that will orient the rocket for re-entry and landing, at its bottom, two more large wings are also pulled into production.  

Will help, which will be important for the controlled dynasty.  The starship will be made of stainless steel, and half of its surface will be covered in this glass tiles to take the risk of the worst heat at atmospheric penetration.To switch to steel, says Elon Musk, is avoided for both the icy depth of space and the strength of old-school materials, because the recirculation of the Earth's atmosphere, Elon believes, is a high-tech composite material.  It is also easy to work with steel at a cost of just two percent.  

SpaceX has welded outside the starship mark 1, a flexibility that can come in handy elsewhere, and can cut on this Mars, weld it again, modify it without any problems,  Musk said, I love steel.  SpaceX has started manufacturing boosters, testing the starship prototype, about 60 feet longer than the starship.  Musk says, the 24 to 31 Raptor engines needed to power each booster will be built, with both parts fully reusable, returning to Earth for a soft landing.

Musk noted 65,000 feet as the target height for successfully testing the starship over the next few months, Elon said, adding that it would be quite interesting to see when the starship would take something back, and come back to Earth.The orbit and return to the ground will be very important, Musk said, saying that we were targeting an orbital flight over the next six to nine months, although Elon later admitted, we were all  The mapline was a bit wild, now it took four or five months to build Mark 1, and he believes that iterations could come even faster in the future.


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