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For the first time the ringing of any newborn black hole has been detected.

You would all know about Einstein's general theory of relativity, whether this theory is true, or not, if two black holes collide with each other on a large scale, this phenomenon arises from semiconductor collisions, which themselves  Must have a "ring" from which gravitational waves are formed, similar to sound waves. A prediction was made by Einstein, says Einstein, that the particular pitch and decay of gravitational waves must be a direct signature of the mass and spin of the newly formed black hole.MIT and other physicists have "heard" the ringing of an infant black hole for the first time, and the result was that the ringing pattern actually approximates the mass and spin of the black hole, and proves that, Einstein's  The theory is correct.

Published in Physical Review Letters, that a black hole lacks any kind of "hair", and mentions the idea that, according to Einstein's theory, black holes should exhibit three observable properties, Such as mass, spin, and electric charge. And all other characteristics, which physicist John Wheeler called "hair", because it swallowed itself up by black holes It should therefore be unattainable.Teem's conclusion is the idea that black holes are actually childless, and the same researchers were able to identify the ringing pattern of a black hole, and using Einstein's equations, black  Calculated the mass and spin of the hole, given its ringing pattern.The mass and spin of the black hole were measured in these calculations.

The team's measurements encode properties other than the measurement black hole's ringing, mass, spin, and electric charge, and elucidate evidence for physics beyond the same Einstein's theory, but it turns out, the black hole's ringing pattern Its mass and spin have a direct signature, supporting the notion that black holes are bald-faced giants, including any external, hair-like  Lack of Unon Kawas Institute Ha.amaiti for Astrophysics and Space Research at NASA Einstein Fellow.This is the first experimental measurement, which is successful in the direct test of the balding theorem, black holes cannot contain hair, which means that a picture of a balding black hole remains for one day.

For the first time on September 9, 2015, scientists created space-time gravitational waves detectors in space, emanating from far-flung, violent cosmic phenomena, named GW150914, identified by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory LIGO Was When the scientists cleared out the noise, and zoomed in on the signal, they saw a wave, which quickly erupted before going away, when they translated the signal into sound, resembling a "chirp" hear anything.When scientists determined that two massive masses of gravitational waves were established by the rapid inspiration of the black hole, and the peak of the same signal — the largest part — is the chirp, and it is connected at that very moment,When two black holes collide, a single, new black hole merges into it, and this baby black hole likely set off its own gravitational waves, and While its signature was ringing, physicists believed it would be too faint to reduce the middle of the initial collision.

When Ishii and his colleagues found a way to extract the black hole's re-existence from moments, immediately after the signal, and in previous work led by co-writer Matthew Gissler, the team showed, through simulations, that  One such signal, and especially the part immediately after the peak, is "overtones", and it is the family of short-lived tones.Considering the overtones, the researchers discovered that they could successfully isolate a ringing pattern that was specific to a newly formed black hole, when the signal was reattached.  Researchers applied this technique to real data from GW150914 detection, so it immediately follows the peak of the chord, focusing on the last few milliseconds of the signal.Keeping in mind the overtones of the signal, the infants were able to sense the ringing coming from the black hole.  They identified two distinct vowels, each with a pitch and decay rate, and were able to measure them.According to Einstein's general theory of relativity, the pitch and decay of the gravitational waves of a black hole proven must be the direct product of its mass and spin, and a black hole of a given mass and spin produces only a fixed pitch and tons of decay.When testing Einstein's theory, the team used the equations of general relativity to form a newly formed black hole.Mass and had to calculate the spin, so he was given the pitch and decay known two vowels.And they found that their calculations corresponded to the measurement of the mass of a black hole, and that spin was first created by others.  When the researcher, in fact, used the loudest, most recognizable parts of the gravitational wave signal about the ringing of a new black hole, and scientists assumed that this ringing was detected only at the very catastrophic end  Can be applied.  This can happen with gravitational wave signals, and much more sensitive devices than only currently exist.

If more sensitive devices come online in the future, researchers will be able to use the group's methods to "hear" the ringing of other nascent black holes. In the future, we'll have better detectors in Earth and space, and not just two, but tens.Modes and pin their properties properly, says Ishii.If these were not as black holes as Einstein's, they would be more like wormhole or boson stars.That there are foreign objects, and it cannot ring in the same way. 


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