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Hubble captures the rare cosmic footprint.

With the Hubble Space Telescope, scientists have captured an event in the Universe, it is a rare rare astronomical event, also called a protoplanetary nebula.It is called Minkowski's footprint by scientists, and also as Minkowski 92 It is known that this nebula has two huge onion-shaped structures,one on either side of an old star, and because of this it is a very special Gives the font size.
Minkowski's footprint shows that the protoplanetary nebula has a shorter life,  and is the initial stage of the more common planetary nebula.A star appears in the middle of this image, and very soon will become a white dwarf, due to its surface beating it will eject the material, the charged particle currents, called stellar winds, make this gas interesting.Shaping in shapes
Scientists believe, technically Minkowski's footprint is currently a reflection nebula, visible only due to light reflected from the central star.  After a thousand years, the star will become hot, and because of thi…

Do ringing black holes support the no-hair theorem of gravitational waves.

As simple as a black hole is, it is just as mysterious, because it is not possible to say that a black hole has hair. Stephen Hawking believed that black black holes can have soft hair, if it is,This will be a new discovery.
 Researchers say that in spacetime two black holes collide to create waves, and we can say that bees have no "hair". Where are the 13 physical review papers reported by scientists.This is another way, as predicted by Einstein's theory of relativity, that it is common to predict that black holes have no characteristic properties of mass, and that they spin at the same rate, SN: 9/24 /.  10).

Black holes are simple objects, that is to say, MIT physicist Maximiliano Issy, he believes that black holes are very simple objects.  In 2015, researchers discovered by the Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, LIGO, that spacetime waves formed as two black holes collided with each other, causing it to form a large black hole (SN: 2/11/16  )…

What will NASA do under the Artemis mission.

NASA will again send man to the moon, under this mission, NASA is committed to land American astronauts, including the first woman and the next male on the moon, by 2024. During the NASA Artemis lunar mission, NASA will explore new technologies and systems on the moon.Will use  Artemis lunar mission will collaborate with its commercial and international partners to establish a permanent mission by 2028, with this mission NASA will take a giant leap over the moon, using what scientists learn about the moon and its surroundings.   
NASA will demonstrate new technologies, capabilities and business approaches required by the exploration of this mission, including the establishment of Mars, including the US leadership,and a strategic presence on the Moon.  While expanding the global economic impact, NASA will promote commercial and international partnerships, inspire new generations, and also encourage careers in STEM. 
With NASA's own powerful new rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS), …

The astronomer has discovered a new comet, likely interstellar visitors.

Inventors have made a new discovery, a comet has been shown, this comet has excited the astronomical community very much, because this comet seems to have come from outside our solar system. Object to this comet - C / 2019 Q4  Named Borisov (Borisov), the comet was discovered on August 30, 2019 by Gennady Borisov of the Nauchuniz, Crimea Margo Observatory, and has also been officially confirmed.  This comet C / 2019 Q4 is an interstellar comet, such has not been seen yet, if it is interstellar, and it is only the second such object that has been detected, before it was seen in October 2017, the first 'Oumuamua'  Was gone, and it was also confirmed.

The comet, C / 2019 Q4, is still close to the Sun, the comet will be far from the orbit of Mars, and the comet will not come close to about 190 million miles (300 million kilometers) from Earth.After observing the comet's initials, the scout system,located at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, automatically marked …

For the first time the ringing of any newborn black hole has been detected.

You would all know about Einstein's general theory of relativity, whether this theory is true, or not, if two black holes collide with each other on a large scale, this phenomenon arises from semiconductor collisions, which themselves  Must have a "ring" from which gravitational waves are formed, similar to sound waves. A prediction was made by Einstein, says Einstein, that the particular pitch and decay of gravitational waves must be a direct signature of the mass and spin of the newly formed black hole.MIT and other physicists have "heard" the ringing of an infant black hole for the first time, and the result was that the ringing pattern actually approximates the mass and spin of the black hole, and proves that, Einstein's  The theory is correct.

Published in Physical Review Letters, that a black hole lacks any kind of "hair", and mentions the idea that, according to Einstein's theory, black holes should exhibit three observable properties, S…

New study models suggest that Titan lakes have eruption craters.

Saturn's satellite is a methane-filled lake on Titan.This lake is surrounded by steep rims reaching hundreds of feet high, NASA has detected it by the Cassini spacecraft, the spacecraft used radar data, and some  Long ago, in recently published research, it was reported that basins have formed in the lunar crust due to warming nitrogen explosions. Titan is a satellite that we know as a stable liquid on the surface, it is like the Earth.Titan's clouds are methane and ethane - hydrocarbons, but behave as liquids in Titan's frenzied climate.Here is nothing like raining water and lakes and seas.
To If Titan's lakes originate, and most current models show methane in the liquid, which dissolves the base of ice and solid organic compounds, if the reservoirs are filled with liquid, then a type of lake on Titan  Can be originated, which may have sharp boundaries.  The bodies formed by the Earth are made of water, dissolving the limestone around them, and are known as karstic lak…

Due to overnight changes in the atmosphere of Mars, the mystery of methane can be solved.

Mars is the second planet where life is possible, Many types of craters are found in this red planet, and one of them is Gail crater, 154 km in diameter of this crater, this crater is about 3.8 billion years old, methane gas is found in this crater, because from this big crater Methane gas is being emitted, as Mars soil and air samples were tested, analyzing this reaction data obtained through NASA's 'Curiosity Rover.The overnight change in the Martian atmosphere kept the gas close to the ground until the morning, and it can be understood that the Curiosity Rover has detected methane gas.

Many missions were carried out to search for life on Mars, since 2003, many orbiters were released into Mars orbit through multiple spacecraft, and these spacecraft have carried varying amounts of methane to Mars (SN: 1/15/09  ) Is explored.The same NASA landed Curiosity Rover near Gale Crater in 2012.Curiosity Rover observed that gas volume rises and falls in a seasonal cycle (SN: 6/7/18).If …

NASA's ICON spacecraft launch will be launched on 10 October.

The Icon spacecraft will tell us where the Earth's atmosphere ends, and where does it start from where it started?  We will get the answers to such other questions very soon, we will get the answers to these questions by the ionospheric connection explorer, or ICON, spacecraft, which will be launched on October 11.        

NASA and Northrop Grumman are preparing the Pegasus XL rocket for their next mission at the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California for the spacecraft, the ionospheric connection explorer or ICON.  2019 has been rescheduled, following the completion of a joint NASA / Northrop Grumman probe into Pegasus sensor readings, and  During the last launch attempt flights was not within normal limits.  So the reason for this problem was to find out.  

NASA has conducted two L1011 flights with Pegasus, which has been modified to solve the flight hardware problem, and to verify the effectiveness of the modification with no problems, and the same functional on NASA's ICON …

Contact with the lander-rover may have been lost, but expectations from the orbiter are still intact.

Signal was stopped from the Vikram lander just 2.1k.g before the landing,and for some time there was silence in the center of ISRO, as the Vikram lander was seen up to 2.1 k,g altitude with normal performance. Subsequently,communication from the Vikram lander to ground stations was lost.The data was analyzed by scientists, but nothing came out, even though contact with the lander-rover has been lost, but expectations from the orbiter are still.
Vikram Lander kept contact with the lander for a distance of 2.1 km from the moon, but after that the contact broke, scientists could not contact the lander again.Siwan of ISRO ceo says that only after studying the data that has been received at the last time of landing, the cause of contact breakdown will be known.On this occasion, Prime Minister Modi, who was present at ISRO's headquarters in Bengaluru, took updates from scientists.When ISRO chief Sivan was giving updates to the PM, then fellow scientists patted him on the consolation.
The flo…

An infrared view of the M81 Galaxy by NASA.

The M81 Galaxy is located 12 million light-years from our Milky Way, located in the northern constellations of Ursa Major, including the Big Dipper, the galaxy Messier 81 is easily visible by large telescopes and small telescopes. 

Friends As we know, NASA launched the Spitzer Space Telescope in August 2003, a few days after its launch, the Spitzer Space Telescope released the public, M81 being one of its first datasets. Nasa Spitzer  On the occasion of the 16th anniversary of the Space Telescope, the image, taken by Spitzer, is on one occasion the new image, with expanded observations and improved processing,Hu is shown again.

This Spitzer Space Telescope features a combined mosaic of infrared array camera (IRAC) data at wavelengths of 3.6 / 4.5 μm (blue / cyan) and 8 μm (green) with Infrared Image Photometer (MIPS) data at 24 μm is.  And it detects a distribution of 3.6-micron near-infrared data (blue) stars, though the same Spitzer space telescope obscured image dust as unaffected, a…

Scientists develop a kind of optical ruler, which can measure many nanoscale.

Scientists at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have found a way to measure distance at the nanoscale, for example, one billionth of a nanometer — and use light in it.  As we understand as an example, a device that uses light to see objects, we can understand this by example, for example as we know, under the microscope, the laws of physics.  There is a fundamental limit on the basis of, and this is their resolving power.

For any shortest distance,optical devices have been used reliably,and in experimentation it has been found that the image is equal to half the wavelength of light, which we know as the "diffraction limit",Or is known.The same diffraction limit is several times larger than 400 nanometers, and it is about half a wavelength of the most near-infrared light.We can understand this from the examples, as we can about 250 times the width of a human hair (100 μm).its small. If we talk, scientists are interested in seeing many smaller objects such as viruse…

Atoms promise as proton conducting membranes, for each of the thinner mineral green technologies.

Experiments by researchers at the University of Manchester have found that the atom is a type of common mineral found in each form of thin mic - soil, and is an excellent proton conductor, and this amazing result results in fuel cells and other hydrogen-related technologies, As such, it is important to use 2-D materials in applications.

Researchers have conducted many experiments before, with Manchester researchers led by Professor Andre Geim and Dr. Marcelo Lozada-Hidalgo finding that, like graphene, a one-atom thick material is highly permeable to the nuclei of protons, hydrogen atoms. However, researchers also found that there are many other 2-D substances, like molybdenum sulfide (MoS2), which had only three atoms thick, and are completely impermeable to protons.The results of the experiment by the same researchers suggested that any one-atom thick crystal can be permeable to protons.

Researchers, writing in Nature Nanotechnology, have shown that protons can allow very easily, throu…

On Asteroid Day, the Copernicus Sentinel-2A satellite took a photo of a Gauss Bluff crater in the northern region of Australia.

GossesBluff crater shows in Australia.Its diameter is about 22 km, it is most likely to have been capped by a large comet or meteorite about 140 million years ago.The Ess satellite Copernicus Watchdog-2A takes over the Gauss Bluff crater in the northern region of Australia, the crater appears in the left center of the image, and has a diameter of about 22 km.Researchers believe that the crater formed 140 million years ago after hitting a comet or meteorite.

The image shows an extremely arid region with some vegetation appearing in red colors along rivers and lakes, and the intense colors in this image represent the mineralogical composition of the land surface, clearly due to lack of vegetation Is visible.The west MacDonnell range can be seen in the upper part of the image, and part of the Peterman range is shown in the lower section.
 The entrance to Australia's inner desert region, called the Red Center, is a crater about 200 km west of Alice Springs.

On the occasion of Asteroid Da…

Breakthrough enables mechanical waves to release storage without energy.

Friends, as we know, that there are waves of light and sound, based on their energy and signal transport, that are fundamental to some of the most basic technologies, because from cell phones to engines, scientists have, so far,One such method is derived, or a method has been developed, which allows them to store a wave for an indefinite period of time, and it then directs it to a desired location.And such development would lead to energy harvesting if the ability to manipulate waves would be greatly facilitated for desired uses, including quantum computing, structural-integrity monitoring, information storage, and more experimentation. X in Science Advances  In a newly published paper, a group of researchers led by Andrea Aloe advanced science research center (ASRC) at The Graduate Center, QNY  Georgia Tech, by the founder director of the Photonics Initiative, and Massimo Goozin, professor of aeronautics engineering, Georgia Tech, has shown experimentally that it is possible to captu…