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Earth: The beginning of life.

What kind of life is there on earth.

There are about 80 lakh 70 thousand organisms on Earth, about 90 percent of them do not know anything.In the year 1691, John Ray had speculated that there are 20,000 species of insects on the planet. This number of John Ray has been quite behind, because now the details of about 10 lakh types of insects have arrived. But in the way John used that number, most of the scientists are still using the same method. 

Even after three centuries, scientists have no opinion about the total number of animal species of this planet.There is no such species in this earth. The life of every species is a way, no water in any place, no land, no life in every part of the earth. In the world, how many lives do not exist. The life we ​​know is in this earth. In our own world there is life, and the other planet of Solar system is not a vision ki. We all know that water is very important for life. 

The planet is the only planet in the solar system, where there is water. The true distance from our sun to the earth , the presence of oxygen on the earth, which is very important for vision.This question always remains in our mind, how did life start on earth? The earth is the only planet useful for life. 

why is earth worth life ?    

The third planet from the Sun and Solar is the only planet in the temple where life is present. It is the largest planet in the Solar System and the largest planet in four terrestrial planets.During the orbiting around the Sun, the Earth revolves around 365 times in its orbit; Thus, one year of the Earth is approximately 365.26 days long.

During the orbiting of the Earth, it is inclined in its axis, due to which the surface of the planet is found on the seasonal variations (seasons). Due to gravity between the earth and the moon, the sea comes in the jowar, it stabilizes the earth on its own axis, and slows its rotation down.Earth is the only place in the universe where life is found. 

The blooming of life on its surface appeared almost a billion years ago. The ideal conditions for the origin of life on earth (such as the precise distance from the Sun, etc.) were not only available from earlier but since the origin of life, the evolutionary order has changed the atmospheric and other non-biotic conditions of the planet and its The environment has given the present form.With the transmission of aerobic organisms on Earth, the ozone layer was formed, which formed the second layer to prevent harmful radiation with the Earth's magnetic field and thus allowed life on earth.The crust of the earth is divided into several rigid segments or tectonic plates which have been displaced from one place to another during geologic history.

Approximately 71% of the surface is covered with salt-water ocean in terms of area, the rest of the continent and island; And freshwater lakes etc. are located.The interior of the earth has been formed in three major layers: Bhupupal, Bhupraparwar and Crod. Out of this it is in the external crossroad phase and acts with a solid iron and inner core of the nickel and produces magnetism or magnetic field in the earth.Life is possible in the earth due to these abilities. 

How did life on Earth begin?   

Life began on Earth about 4 billion years ago, Sea water composition at that time was very different from today's ocean water.
 In the beginning, there was no oxygen in the atmosphere of the Earth.The process of starting life on earth began to be about 4 billion to 80 million years ago, also from the hypothermal vent inside the ocean, which is similar to a volcano inside the ocean.

Organic compound produced from the gas emitted from these vent and action between the mineral present in the soil thereby creating the organic compound. Provide Surface to make the soil and the mineral, the action of the gas in it and without using the energy of the sun as energy, using the chemical energy, gave life to the first organism microbus on earth. These microbes emitted oxygen as a waste product. And for millions of years, the amount of oxygen increased in the atmosphere caused by microbes emitting the Vasez as an oxygen. 

With the help of volcanic gas, oxygen increased in the atmosphere. Creating an environment for large and complex organisms on Earth. Scientists planted these microbes with crores of crores of year-old stones and dunes. These mounds are made up of crores of crores of years by depositing one die on one of the microbes. These dots are called stromatolites.And thus life began on Earth.                                                                                


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